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All new friends are required to fill out my booking form prior to contacting me about booking a date. I have multiple screening options available for prospective clients. Please understand that screening is nonnegotiable and solely for my safety. All of your information will be discarded after screening is complete. Non-disclosure agreements are always an option for high profile clientele.


I do have reviews on my insta highlights and various message boards but as my exclusivity rises I would appreciate it if my suitors keep explicit details about our meetings off the review boards. To verify that I am indeed a real person, please feel free to browse my social media handles. I update my accounts frequently with photos etc. Please do not ask me to video chat or send you free pictures prior to us meeting- it's a waste of both our time and only shows you didn't read my instructions.


Please leave the total for our time spent in an envelope within the first 15 minutes of our date without me needing to request it. If we are out in public, a gift bag would be ideal. I may excuse myself to ensure that the donation is sufficient. My compensation 100% NON NEGOTIABLE.


It goes without saying, but please be a gentleman and ensure that your hygiene is up to par as I will do the same. If you don’t have time to freshen up prior to our date, I will offer you a chance to. Please respect my wishes as this will keep from creating an awkward experience for both of us.


Please understand that I DO NOT and WILL NOT partake in any activities that will jeopardize my safety or health. Please do not ask me to do anything that will fall into these categories. If I feel unsafe or disrespected I will excuse myself and you will not be able to see me again, non negotiable.


I understand that life happens and that things can pop up unexpectedly. If you need to cancel our date I ask that you give me notice at LEAST 48 hours in advance. If so, I will keep the deposit and you may reapply it to a future engagement within the next month.

Deposits are NON REFUNDABLE.

Any cancellations less than 48 hours ahead of our scheduled date will result in a 50% cancellation fee including your deposit. If it becomes a habit, after 2 cancellations you will no longer be able to book me in the future.


I prefer upscale hotels (4 stars and up) when traveling. I do maintain incalls in Charlotte and ask that you give me a 48 hour advance notice with a deposit if you are requesting to come to me. Same day appointments may require extra compensation for me to reorient my schedule/book a location.

Please note that if you are requesting an outcall outside the Charlotte city limits, I may require you to provide a transportation fee.


For overnights and extended rendezvous, please understand that a true lady needs her beauty rest and that I prefer at least 6-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep. I also require 1 hour of girl time to freshen up and tend to my feminine needs; but other than that I'm all yours.


For Fly Me To You engagements I require our date to be at least 5+ Hours in duration with a social outing. I prefer first or business class when flying. I am not opposed to staying at your residence during our time together but if that is not an option I prefer to stay in an upscale hotel (4 stars or more). Also please be aware that air fare will be booked by myself for discretion purposes.


If you’d like to share our experience with another provider I do require a 2 hour minimum. If you’d like to book another provider, please abide by their screening requirements as you would for mine. I also ask that you match the rate of the higher donation for everyone involved. Booking at least 48 hours in advance is ideal for preparation.


I always love to see a gentleman who's impressed other ladies before, and the more referrals you send with your date request the better! 
I'm comfortable being listed as a reference for you after we've met, I have a one referral per date policy and I like to be given a heads up if you're going to use me as a reference so I can verify you for your next lady swiftly and easily- easy peasy!


I do offer special gifts and opportunities to those who refer their friends to me; but be advised that they will still have to undergo my screening to make sure we're a comfortable match.

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