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2022 Resolutions

2021 has finally left us, and not a moment too soon. Now we get to deal with its successor, and ironically we're almost into the second month! "But Kelley," You might say. "It's halfway through January, you can't make your New Years Resolutions so late!"

Oh can't I?

1. Swim With Whale Sharks (Again)

One of my favorite experiences was when I got to swim with the whale sharks at the Georgia Aquarium. There's nothing more terrifying and magical than getting sideswiped by a manta ray with a 20 ft wingspan or a whale shark popping up between your legs from behind (I have it on film!). It was probably one of the most mystifying and tranquil experiences I've ever had, and I want to try and go again this year.

2. Higher Business Standards

I want to operate my business more efficiently in 2022. And that includes lowering my stress levels so I can provide the best service as possible and more importantly- enjoy myself. Longer bookings will be prioritized, and my deposit policy will be mandatory across the board.

I'm so excited to be meeting the kind of people I truly connect with physically, mentally, and emotionally; and I believe raising my standards across the board will ensure I keep getting the opportunity to do so.

3. Republish My Book

I've written a trilogy over the last seven years; and although the first one was published when I was 15, my publisher shut down (RIP Fastpencil) and it was taken off the market. One of my biggest goals in 2022 is to teach myself how to independently format and publish so I can get at least one of my books back on the market.

4. Work On My SCUBA Certification

I started working on my SCUBA cert before I moved to Charlotte, and I haven't finished it yet. It's a scary task since ironically I'm not the most comfortable in open water even though I adore the ocean; but I want to finish the course, get my diving hours, and celebrate by diving at the Georgia Aquarium and in the Outer Banks to explore the shallow shipwrecks.

5. Go Hiking and Camping More Often

I can count all the times I hiked in 2021 on one hand, and that needs to change. I want to get back to hiking and enjoying myself in the outdoors, and there's nothing better than hiking to the top of a cliff in the Pisgah Forest and setting up camp so you can watch the sun rise over the mountains. In the same vein, I want to go rafting and kayaking again and spend more time in the wilderness.

6. Travel

With COVID still rampant and mutating every other month I'm not too concerned with travel. I can put my backpacking on hiatus; but if there was one opportunity for me to safely travel this year, I'd want to go back to London.

Of course some of these goals are dependent on COVID and how it decides to mutate and dog everyone this year; but I'm keeping a very positive outlook and doing my best to keep all of my vaccinations up to date so I can do as much as possible.

So... these are my goals, what're yours?

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