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Top 5 Restaurants For Date Nights In Charlotte

I've lived in NC for almost all 22 of my years, and I've lived in Charlotte for the last five. With that said, I do count myself as a teeny bit of an expert in regards to Charlotte's fine dining scene; so I've put together a list of my five favorite CLT restaurants for a date night! I won't be focusing on drinks/bars at these places (that's another blog for another time), but I'll be ranking the food, price, atmosphere, etc. Here we go!

Disclaimer: I have no partnership with these restaurants and receive no compensation for shouting them out, they're just that good.

1. Eddie V's- Seafood

101 S Tryon St, Suite100, Charlotte, NC

This one might be a little obvious, especially given how popular Eddie V's is. Located centrally in uptown, this restaurant is one of my immediate go-to's for recommendations. The menu is primarily focused on seafood, with exclusive items like lobster flown in from South Africa.

I love the way the

restaurant is set up, with a cozy bar at the entrance and a lower area for those interested in a full meal. If you go, try their bisque- it's amazingly creamy and delicate. There's also complimentary valet parking (at least there was the last time I went), so you don't have to worry about finding a spot to park in all that uptown traffic!

Price: $$$$

Reservations: Encouraged

Dress Code: Business Casual to Formal

Favorite Menu Item: Georges Bank Scallops

2. Luce- Italian Cuisine

214 N Tryon St, Suite J, Charlotte, NC

If you're a fan of Italian like I am, you'll love the Luce. It's nestled right at the base of Hearst Tower and hosts a very intimate and warmly lit dining room as well as an outdoor patio for warmer weather. From antipasti to steaks or scallops, Luce delivers a small but tasty menu. Do be careful however, in such a small setting their tables are very close together and last time I was there my hip accidentally knocked a plate off an empty table. Just retain your sense of spatial awareness and you'll be fine, I promise.

Price: $$$

Reservations: Encouraged

Dress Code: Business Casual to Formal

Favorite Menu Item: Fritto Di Calamari

3. Bentley's- French Cuisine

4620 Piedmont Row Dr, Suite110, Charlotte, NC

I love Bentley's. Hands down. I first got to visit when it was still located uptown; but it's since relocated to South Park where it's a little quieter and parking is much easier. The owner, Jim Emad, has been working in Charlotte's fine dining scene for over 40 years, so it's safe to hold Bentley's to a high standard.

Most of the food is presented on a French tableside cart a la gueridon, and with plenty of room and a luxurious space (sans the 23rd floor view from the last location), Bentley's is an excellent choice for those either dipping their toe into fine dining or looking for a tightly run service with amazing food. Bentley's also has a great selection of caviar for those really looking to lean into a luxurious night out, I recommend the tasting sampler.

Price: $$$

Reservations: Encouraged

Dress Code: Business Casual to Formal

Favorite Menu Item: Oysters Bentley

4. Soul Gastrolounge- Tapas Fusion

1500-B Central Ave, Charlotte, NC

I was lucky enough to eat here multiple times before Soul gained its exclusivity, and I love the vibe of this place. The interior is very dimly lit which provides a very cozy atmosphere, and everything on the menu has been workshopped to perfection.

There is a wide array of food, from ceviche to nachos to sushi; but don't let that discourage you. I don't think I've eaten anything here I didn't like. It's easy to find a favorite on the menu and stick with it (especially with so many hits); but it's worth trying something new each time.

Price: $$

Reservations: Mandatory

Dress Code: Casual to Business Casual

Favorite Menu Item: Shrimp Ceviche (Beware the Thai Chilis!)

1100 E Metropolitan Ave, Suite 120, Charlotte, NC

As I'm sure many of you know, I'm a sushi fiend. I've eaten at almost every sushi spot in Charlotte at least twice and I have some very strong opinions about them. Luckily, Pisces in Midtown makes my list. There's a huge menu varying from different udon, tatare, hibachi, and sushi with multiple spins on each category. Two of my favorite sushi rolls are the Tango My Mango and the Lil' Bastard; and when paired with a Nigori sake and Pisces' delicious calamari it's a perfect meal for a date! Pisces also has small and discrete booths in the back for a more private experience, and as of my last visit you do need to call ahead to reserve one but it's worth it.

Price: $$

Reservations: Only For Private Booths

Dress Code: Casual to Business Casual

Favorite Menu Item: Sweetheart/ Tango My Mango Roll

And that's my list! Short but sweet. I wanted to pick a handful of my favorite restaurants to share to inspire others to try them or expand their horizons. Perhaps we should go together?

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